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Florence Healthcare is the world’s leading electronic process management platform for clinical research.

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About Florence

Florence Health strives to improve the quality of clinical tests with our integrated software solution that helps researchers find the information they need without spending time hunting down files or waiting on snail-mail deliveries.We are dedicated to making medical professionals feel like they are in good hands. So we create cutting-edge software to improve their workflows. Thanks to it's efficiency, researchers can access all relevant data in one place anytime and anywhere.

Our international team of talented developers is working proactively on improving our documentation management platform that accelerates clinical research.

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We proudly stand behind our core values. At Florence Healthcare, we’ll make sure that you feel safe, motivated and empowered. Take a look and discover if you are our next cultural fit!

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  • “Nice people, good working atmosphere, company values opinion of every individual, professional management, great opportunity for learning, unlimited days off, working without extra pressure and unreasonable deadlines.”

  • “I love working in Florence because I feel the company is valuing my personal well-being and development same as the development of company. I feel like an important part of the company, and that pushes me to give my best to the job I do every day.”


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Our Success Stories

Alena Bukilic

Software Engineer

"As a self-taught programmer, I started my career at Florence as an intern in 2018. After my internship, I was employed full-time and my first independent task was to plan and implement, both functionally and technically, introduction of a new search feature into our software. This was not an easy task for someone without previous experience, but with mentorship and support of my senior engineer colleagues – it became my first professional achievement. After that, I have led and implemented many more challenging projects and they were all a chance for me to learn and grow.

The practice that Florence provides – all programmers are encouraged from day 1 to be independent, suggest technical solutions, lead projects and organize work of the team – is the best chance a company can offer to an individual to enable their rapid professional and personal development. Senior colleagues with more experience are always there to support you and eventually you also become a person who can mentor and support others."

Mladjan Simonovic

Tech Lead

"I joined Florence in December 2018 as a junior software developer. In the beginning, I worked equally on the frontend and backend sides. Implementing complex features with the help of my colleagues was an excellent way to start a career. After a year and a half, I got promoted to a software developer. That was when I got to lead feature development projects, complex integrations with third-party software, as well as infrastructure and architecture changes. I also became more oriented towards the server side, particularly microservices and AWS.
After almost three years at a company, in November 2021, as a result of multiple successful projects, I was promoted to Tech Lead. I now lead the Integrations Team which is in charge of managing third-party integrations, developing custom middlewares, and developing public API for the entire platform."

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